Commercial Pest Control

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Commercial Pest Control

As highly trained and certified pest control experts, we get rid of pests in your business, industrial, or commercial property. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services provide a safe environment customized to suit your pest control needs. As qualified exterminators, we keep pests in their place, which means they are NOT in your place!

  • Do you have rats, mice, or other small animals infiltrating your business?
  • Are birds such as swallows, or winged pests such as wasps and hornets, setting up nests on your commercial property?
  • Are your staff and customers bothered by insects such as ants, spiders, silverfish, cockroaches, or even bed bugs?

Our reliable, insured, and specifically trained Pacific PLUS IPM© staff will meet your needs and let you say goodbye to those pests!

Pest control is more effective when it is part of an overall yearly plan. We deliver companies like yours a customized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program tailored for your specific business.

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Pest management strategy for your business

wasp pest controlTo ensure an effective pest management strategy for your business, we offer our clients inspections, monitoring, and maintenance. Taking into account cleanliness, costs of pest removal, public health and safety, and the environment both inside and outside your business, we dedicate our efforts to ensure that your facilities are pest free and your brand is protected.

We understand that cost is a concern for many business owners and operations managers. As such, we work to come up with individualized pest control strategies for your business that will allow for flexibility depending upon your needs.

Additionally, you should know that we are not merely spot-treatment operating technicians. At Pacific Pest Solutions, not only do we remove any pests we find, but we aim to keep away anything that is a risk factor and prevent them from returning. Using common sense as applied to pest control, we also build environmental health and safety into your workplace.

Let Pacific Pest Solutions implement a customs pest program to suit the needs of your business.  We can evaluated your current program and help develop a new program.  Pacific Pest Solutions can develop a program to meet any interior or third party auditing bodies such as Safe Quality Foods(SQF),  The British Retail Consortium (BRC) or Canada Organic Regime.

Commercial pest removal services include:

  • Rodent control
  • Bird control
  • Drain line services to eliminate drain flies, drain odors, and clogging
  • Commercial food handling pest control. The Pacific Pest Solutions Inc. food plant program, supplemented by our pest management technician, helps assure your business’ compliance with food safety regulations. We can provide complete inspections, assessments, vendor audits, third-party certifications, and reports.

Our Pacific PLUS© IPM program allows our team of professional pest control experts to protect your brand while maximizing health and safety in your workplace, and minimizing our environmental impact.


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